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Plant Variety

This is only a number of varieties will stock, if you have a look at our gallery, you’ll find other varieties. If there is a particular plant that you are after the team at Green & Growing can source it for you

Give our G Team a call on 02 9796 1711 or send us an email and our friendly staff will guide you through any plant hire requirement or project, however simple or complex in design or size.

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Kentia Palm

Golden Cane Palm

Bamboo Palm

Travellers Palm

Happy Plant

Dracaena Marginata

Ficus Topiary

Rhapis Palm

Cordatum Totem

Monstera Totem

Panduraform Totem

Ficus Bushy

Janet Craig


Dracaena Deromensis

Small Leaf Umbrella

Pothos Totem (Devils Ivy)

Spath Moanaloa

Parlour Palm

Aglaonema (Silver Lady)


Spathiphyllum Sensation

Fiddle Leaf Fig

Dracaena Tri Colour

Syngonium Robusta (White Butterfly)



Terracotta Mini Garden

Maxi Garden

Devils Ivy

Devils Ivy Hanger


Recommended light symbols:

 Full Sun

 Dappled shade

 Full shade

 Standard Pot Range

 Executive Pot Range